Swiss Beauty Training is located in the formal and professional training realm. It aims to enhance the professionalism of future personnel in the perfumery sector through a training program which is administered in alternate (partnership between company C Staffing Agency and the Training Centre) or continuous training sessions.

The vision:
  • Welcome and train the all-rounded individuals by completely adapting yourself to their work environment
  • Energize the job market
  • Deliver quality training: geared towards the realities of the job market; that is in contact with the enterprises that are recruiting in this sector, and that is adapted to current requirements and techniques
  • Provide an adapted response to training needs by offering exclusive lessons adapted to the availability of the apprentices
  • Contribute to the successful completion of company training and the deliverance of a certificate / corresponding diploma
The mission:
  • Allow apprentices to complete the training that meets their needs and aspirations
  • Establish and maintain a permanent balance between the apprentices potential, their aspirations and our training offer
  • Transmit knowledge, and know-how simultaneously, in a spirit of tolerance and respect for one another
The values:

For apprentices

  • We welcome persons of all nationalities, all denominations and origins, without prejudice

For trainers and collaborators

  • Trainers and collaborators are committed to defending the vision mission and values conveyed by Swiss Beauty Training and, in particular to foster an environment conducive to the acquisition of knowledge and development of the apprentices
The quality:

We are committed to constantly evaluating the quality of the training program and infrastructure and making the necessary adjustments based on customer requirements and laws governing adult education with a view to continuous improvement.

The Management