About us

Swiss Beauty Training was founded in 2013 in Lausanne.

Swiss Beauty Training offers training sessions aimed at professionals
in the perfume and cosmetic industries.

Swiss Beauty Training has, in part, taken over some internal training conducted by « C&S Training » since 2006 by expanding their training offer.

This entails extended training sessions that are alternated with diploma sessions for new apprentices in this space; it also includes shorter training sessions aimed at professionals having obtained a diploma or certificate in this space.

Brands and sales outlets in Switzerland and abroad are able to entrust us with external training-based missions.

  • Swiss Beauty Training is in constant contact with swiss organisations that are recruiting in this sector.

  • Swiss Beauty Training prepares the apprentices and
    moulds them into professionals.

  • The Training Center’s manager holds the accreditation of: « Federal Training Diploma for Trainer ».